Illidan Stormrage by UNDeRT4keR – Silas’ Secret Stash

  Welcome back!  This week in the Secret Stash we have a drawing that tingles with fel energy. UNDeRT4keR has created Illidan Stormrage which expresses the fury that bellows within the once noble night elf.  This was made using Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, and 100% cotton rag. … Continue reading

Fairy Dragon by Leassel – Silas’ Secret Stash

  Welcome back to my Secret Stash! This week’s art will leave you with a filling of wonder and curiosity.  Leassel has created Fairy Dragon which features a faerie dragon exploring a mysterious world.  If you found Fairy Dragon to be as mystical as I did then check out Leassel’s … Continue reading

Mrlgrlgl the Murloc University Student by Rjoxford – Silas’ Secret Stash

  We have today a piece of art that gives a depiction of life within student life within places of Azerothian higher education.  Rjoxford has created a scene showing Mrlgrlgl the Murloc University Student.  As seen, we find Mrlgrlgl carrying their hot beverage, satchel, and sporting a hoodie of Murloc University. … Continue reading

Willy the Beholder by Leassel – Silas’ Secret Stash

  This week we have a piece of art who’s subject is of much power and adorableness.  Leassel brings us Willy the Beholder.  This dapper guy will have have you reaching for your monocles and searching for a top hat!  You can get him in a variety of ways from … Continue reading

Blue Dragonflight Crest by Falling Stardusk – Silas’ Secret Stash

  Welcome back!  This week I have a surprise for all you lovers of the ancient, scaly variety.  Falling Stardusk has created a crest that represents the Blue Dragonflight!  It includes all the features you’ve come to know and love of the dragons: sophisticated horns, blue color tones, and symbols … Continue reading

Make It Burn by Geraud Soulie – Silas’ Secret Stash

  Silas here, and this week we have a piece of art that burns as hot as the Midsummer festival!  Geraud Soulie has created Make It Burn, which displays a fiery scene that focuses on a night elf in a blazing forest.  This art print can be framed, and includes the dimensions … Continue reading

Draenei Priest Print by Zaelii – Silas’ Secret Stash

  Love Draenei art?  Perhaps you’re a fan of the Light?  Then today’s your lucky day!  We present Draenei Priest by Zaelii!  This piece of art displays a female draenei priest in a grayscale tone while emphasizing her pink, feathered shoulderpads.  This design can be purchased as a travel mug, … Continue reading

Beverage Cloud Serpent Pillow by Nikury – Silas’ Secret Stash

  Today, we have a splendid design by Nikury.  Their art is titled Beverage Cloud Serpent and within you’ll see an orange cloud serpent that is enjoying a piping warm beverage.  Nikury also has this cloud serpent in a more cyan look, too.  If you desire this adorable serpent you … Continue reading

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