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New citizens of Azeroth can sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the things the world has to offer. Don’t worry! These websites serve the community by helping players understand quests, events, professions and more. We hope they can help you begin to learn everything there is to know about the world around you. These are intended for new players. but if you are a more advanced player please check out our Resources page for websites that help players of all experience levels.


Official Blizzard Sites

Warcraft Homepage – Here you can access news, forums, guides, and information about your character!

Warcraft New and Returning Player Forums – Official forum made specifically for new and returning players. Here you can find helpful community members who can answer your questions!


Other Helpful Sites

Blizzard Watch – Blizzard Watch is a community funded website specializing in Blizzard News, Class Guides,  Lore articles and much more.

Curse Addons – A leading site for addons for World of Warcraft.

Icy Veins – Offers news and guides.

Murloc Monday on WoW Reddit – Every Monday the Warcraft Reddit community opens a new thread just to answer any questions new players may have.

Warcraft Mentors– This forum thread has an impressive list of community members who volunteer to help new players by trading battletags and answering questions for new players. – This site offers Guides and an in depth searchable database of Quests and in game characters, items, ect. – This is a great go to guide for leveling up your professions. It gives guides for efficiently leveling as well as where to farm the materials you need.


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