Illidan Stormrage by UNDeRT4keR – Silas’ Secret Stash

  Welcome back!  This week in the Secret Stash we have a drawing that tingles with fel energy. UNDeRT4keR has created Illidan Stormrage which expresses the fury that bellows within the once noble night elf.  This was made using Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, and 100% cotton rag. … Continue reading

Yunlika, The Vindicator by Arcan-Anzas – Silas’ Secret Stash

  Welcome!  This week in my Stash of Secrets I have for you art made with much justice within it.  Arcan-Anzas has created a marvelous piece known as Yunlika, The Vindicator.  Yunlika, The Vindicator features Yunlika, who is a Draeni vindicator, seen either witnessing a tragic event or she herself dispensing … Continue reading

Elder Polaris Raventhorn by Quel’Fabulous – Silas’ Secret Stash

  This week in my secret stash we have a piece of art that will leave you seeking the wisdom of your elders!  Quel’Fabulous has made an amazing illustration titled Elder Polaris Raventhorn.  This artwork features a night elf elder known as Elder Polaris Raventhorn, Guardian of Winterspring, and features a … Continue reading

Drake Of The North Wind by PuddingPack – Silas’ Secret Stash

  This week in my secret stash we have some art that will leave you higher than a Darkmoon Faire balloon!  PuddingPack has created a magnificent illustration titled Drake Of The North Wind.  This piece of art features a night elf riding upon the mount known as the Drake of the North … Continue reading

Draenei or Not by lowly-owly – Silas’ Secret Stash

  Are you a fan of the Draenei?  Perhaps you’re a fan of the Legion?  Either way, today’s your lucky day!  In this week’s Secret Stash, I present Draenei or Not by lowly-owly.  This piece of art displays a female draenei wearing quite the fel looking armor, and appearing rather felish.  Is this really … Continue reading

Fairy Dragon by Leassel – Silas’ Secret Stash

  Welcome back to my Secret Stash! This week’s art will leave you with a filling of wonder and curiosity.  Leassel has created Fairy Dragon which features a faerie dragon exploring a mysterious world.  If you found Fairy Dragon to be as mystical as I did then check out Leassel’s … Continue reading

Female Demon Hunter by FireCatRich – Silas’ Secret Stash

  This week in my secret stash we have art that will have the Burning Legion cowering in their boots!  FireCatRich has created an illustration that captures the true hatred of the Legion titled Female Demon Hunter.  Within, you can find a night elf Illidari on the hunt for Legion … Continue reading

The Mistwalker by CharlotteTurner – Silas’ Secret Stash

  This week in my Secret Stash I present art that will help you find your inner Zen.  The artist known as CharlotteTurner has created The Mistwalker.  The Mistwalker contains a Pandaren monk of the mistwalker specialization practicing their awe inspiring healing abilities!  Check out CharlotteTurner’s other impressive pieces of art here! Check … Continue reading

Mrlgrlgl the Murloc University Student by Rjoxford – Silas’ Secret Stash

  We have today a piece of art that gives a depiction of life within student life within places of Azerothian higher education.  Rjoxford has created a scene showing Mrlgrlgl the Murloc University Student.  As seen, we find Mrlgrlgl carrying their hot beverage, satchel, and sporting a hoodie of Murloc University. … Continue reading

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