The Captain’s Wife’s Lament by Spiffworld – Dinner and a Movie

  Greetings, lads!  We be back to partake in another swashbuckling Dinner & a Movie!  This time we be going way back to enjoy a few rounds with a classic machinimator known as Spiffworld.  Today’s choice pick is The Captain’s Wife’s Lament that details the struggles of sailors just looking to enjoy … Continue reading

Truth About Murlocs by Raven Sylphe – Dinner and a Movie

  Welcome back again, friends!  We’re back for more good times and good food this week on Dinner & a Movie.  This time we have a eye opening experience known as Truth About Murlocs.  This machinima was created by Raven Sylphe and delves into the dark mystery of the murloc by … Continue reading

Beautiful Killer by KillerCookie95 – Dinner and a Movie

  Howdy, friends!  This week we have us another extraordinary machinima that brings with it much intrigue and dastardliness.  Beautiful Killer was made by KillerCookie95 and follows the investigation of a murderer with killer beauty and the detective that falls for this beautiful killer.  Don’t take this ox’s word for it … Continue reading

Old Raids by Jaeden Jenkins – Dinner and a Movie

  Welcome back, friends!  This week we have a machinima known as Old Raids made by Jaeden Jenkins.  This music video features the vocal wonders Gigi and Sharm singing Rowan’s lyrics about the good ol’ days of Azeroth raiding.  Ah, I still remember cooking up some fierce feasts for the brave adventurers … Continue reading

The Future Soon by Spiffworld – Dinner and a Movie

  Hello again, lads!  Today, I’m here to take you on a journey to the early days of machinimas with Spiffworld’s music video The Future Soon.  This music video features one of the many great songs of Jonathan Coulton which, thanks to Spiffworld, was reimagined in our own realm!  In … Continue reading

Mighty Artifacts by Mooclucking – Dinner and a Movie

  Are you as excited about the future as we are?  Yes?  Then talk a seat, grab a snack, and enjoy Mooclucking’s latest video, Mighty Artifacts, with us!   What a glimpse into the future, right?  And a surprise peek into the past!  Looks like these upcoming artifact weapons could become a … Continue reading

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