Event Coordinators

Picture of a WoW calendar backdrop with Carl & his balloons.


No one parties like Azeroth! Parties don’t plan themselves though, that’s where these amazing event coordinators come in.  They host legendary community wide events such as The Ice Crown Challenge and Operation Friendship Moose. Like to plan community events, but don’t see your name? Contact us!


  • ArcaneRatsel – Host of the Twitter community Easter Egg hunt and The Icecrown Challenge
  • Dravvie – Host of the yearly charity event Running of the Gnomes
  • Got Malk?– Host of #ReadytoRaid for inexperienced / undergeared raiders
  • O.S.E.L.F.I.E.A. – Host of F#%$ Around Fridays. Check #WarcraftFAF on Twitter for weekly plans.
  • #FriendshipMoose – I’m not sure who the original host was, but these amazing people are helping people get their Heroic Archimonde kill for the moose mount.


Picture seen with Silas Darkmoon's signature.

Silas is the founder of the Darkmoon Faire along with the Darkmoon Times. He's always happy to welcome a new face, but will not tolerate ruckus within his faire. When he's not working on the Darkmoon Faire, Silas enjoys roaming Darkmoon's coast in the search for lost treasures.

Have suggestions for the Darkmoon Times? Email us at darkmoontimes@gmail.com today!

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