The Legion Glyph System – The Starting Zone

  Well, this is a right pickle, isn’t it, class? It seems that the Glyph Interface has disappeared! Don’t panic! Glyphs are still around, but they are used differently in the Legion expansion. Let’s remain calm, take our seats, and learn about how to use them!   What are glyphs … Continue reading

Who is Blingtron? – The Starting Zone

  Hello again, class!  It is time again to have a lovely educational dissertation!  Doesn’t that sound delightful?  Now, if you would all kindly take your seat, we shall get started.  This week I would like to discuss a special little guy that seems to be raising the eyebrows of … Continue reading

Questing in Azeroth – The Starting Zone

  Hello class.  Welcome back for another informative lecture about Azeroth.  Let’s get started, shall we?  Today I would like to talk about one of the first things you will experience here in Azeroth.  Quests!  There are many many jobs to be done here and many many quest givers are … Continue reading

Realms, What Are They? – The Starting Zone

Realms… What are they? Today we discuss them on The Starting Zone. Hello, students. If you all would kindly take a seat we shall commence today’s lesson. Today, we will discuss realms.  A realm is basically a server onto which your character is born.  This becomes your character’s home, and you … Continue reading

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