The Captain’s Wife’s Lament by Spiffworld – Dinner and a Movie

Scene of movie attenders enjoying a movie and various foods.


Greetings, lads!  We be back to partake in another swashbuckling Dinner & a Movie!  This time we be going way back to enjoy a few rounds with a classic machinimator known as Spiffworld.  Today’s choice pick is The Captain’s Wife’s Lament that details the struggles of sailors just looking to enjoy themselves after rough times at sea.  Featuring the music tunes of Paul and Storm.  Pull up a chair and let’s enjoy this movie together!


Now that was a sea faring hoot of a time.  Can’t the Captain’s wife just let her husband’s seamen enjoy their time upon land?  Perhaps she was just overwhelmed at first.  I’ll give her some doubt.  Being a cook upon a ship once, this song brings back me ol’ days serving up exotic foods for the crew, and never having enough oranges!  At least now we can relax with fruit whenever we please.  Which now that I think of it some snacks would be nice…  Anyways, come back next time for more movies and we’ll grab another drink, bite, and a Dinner & a Movie!


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Stamp loves cooking up great food. After a long day at the faire he loves to make a great meal then settle in with a good movie. Thanks to some craft goblins and gnomes tinkering with a S.E.L.F.I.E. Cam, Stamp is able to project his favorites onto Darkmoon Faire walls and share his favorite’s with his friends during downtimes.

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