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Welcome!  This week in my Stash of Secrets I have for you art made with much justice within it.  Arcan-Anzas has created a marvelous piece known as Yunlika, The Vindicator.  Yunlika, The Vindicator features Yunlika, who is a Draeni vindicator, seen either witnessing a tragic event or she herself dispensing out well deserved retribution.  I’ll let you decide what the story is in this well toned and detailed artwork.  If you enjoyed Yunlika, The Vindicator then you’ll love more of Arcan-Anzas’ work here!  Check back later for more secrets from my stash!


Yunlika, The Vindicator by Arcan-Anzas

Yunlika, The Vindicator by Arcan-Anzas


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