Truth About Murlocs by Raven Sylphe – Dinner and a Movie

Scene of movie attenders enjoying a movie and various foods.


Welcome back again, friends!  We’re back for more good times and good food this week on Dinner & a Movie.  This time we have a eye opening experience known as Truth About Murlocs.  This machinima was created by Raven Sylphe and delves into the dark mystery of the murloc by using an uplifting song and melody.  What’s that?  You think you know all there is to know about murlocs?  Well, let’s take a seat and watch this together!


Now there’s another long time mystery solved!  As we saw, Truth About Murlocs was filmed across many regions with many different types of murlocs seen running about.  The singer we heard chiming a rhythmic tune was Chorister.  If you enjoyed any of this machinima then check out Chorister or Raven!  Stop by next time for more movies and we’ll grab another drink, bite, and a Dinner & a Movie!


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Stamp loves cooking up great food. After a long day at the faire he loves to make a great meal then settle in with a good movie. Thanks to some craft goblins and gnomes tinkering with a S.E.L.F.I.E. Cam, Stamp is able to project his favorites onto Darkmoon Faire walls and share his favorite’s with his friends during downtimes.

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