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Mola seen in front of Whack a Gnolls about to lay some smack down.

Mola has felt something different around Azeroth. It’s almost like something is about to happen. Some citizens of Azeroth have been calling it a patch. Some people say their mounts will even magically learn to fly, but Mola thinks that is just silly. Why would mounts suddenly learn how to fly? Whatever rumors you have heard, Mola wants to know, Are you excited for patch 7.2?


Are you excited for patch 7.2?

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Whack-a-Gnoll takes lightning quick reflexes and split second decision making. After years of working the game at the Darlmoon Faire Mola has definitely honed these skills. During her free time she's obsessed with trivia, polls, surveys, and quizzes. She once completed a 50 question survey in 20 seconds.

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