Beautiful Killer by KillerCookie95 – Dinner and a Movie

Scene of movie attenders enjoying a movie and various foods.


Howdy, friends!  This week we have us another extraordinary machinima that brings with it much intrigue and dastardliness.  Beautiful Killer was made by KillerCookie95 and follows the investigation of a murderer with killer beauty and the detective that falls for this beautiful killer.  Don’t take this ox’s word for it though, pull up a seat and let’s watch it together!


Wow, nothing like living on the edge to really get you going for a meal!  As you saw Beautiful Killer has awesome animations and effects that add to its suspense.  This machinima also features the vocal works of Madonna and her song Beautiful Killer.  Stop by next time for more movies and we’ll grab another drink, bite, and a Dinner & a Movie!


Stamp Thunderhorn profile picture

Stamp loves cooking up great food. After a long day at the faire he loves to make a great meal then settle in with a good movie. Thanks to some craft goblins and gnomes tinkering with a S.E.L.F.I.E. Cam, Stamp is able to project his favorites onto Darkmoon Faire walls and share his favorite’s with his friends during downtimes.

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