Old Raids by Jaeden Jenkins – Dinner and a Movie

Scene of movie attenders enjoying a movie and various foods.


Welcome back, friends!  This week we have a machinima known as Old Raids made by Jaeden Jenkins.  This music video features the vocal wonders Gigi and Sharm singing Rowan’s lyrics about the good ol’ days of Azeroth raiding.  Ah, I still remember cooking up some fierce feasts for the brave adventurers making their ways to such places as Black Temple, Naxxramas, and Karazhan!  Mmmm nothing like a good nostalgia trip every now and then.  Speaking of, why don’t we take a quick adventure there now?


My, my wasn’t that a nice time.  Nothing like remembering the good times to really get you in the mood for a drink and a snack.  Stop on by next time and we’ll grab another drink, bite, and a Dinner & a Movie!


Stamp Thunderhorn profile picture

Stamp loves cooking up great food. After a long day at the faire he loves to make a great meal then settle in with a good movie. Thanks to some craft goblins and gnomes tinkering with a S.E.L.F.I.E. Cam, Stamp is able to project his favorites onto Darkmoon Faire walls and share his favorite’s with his friends during downtimes.

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