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Are you a fan of the Draenei?  Perhaps you’re a fan of the Legion?  Either way, today’s your lucky day!  In this week’s Secret Stash, I present Draenei or Not by lowly-owly.  This piece of art displays a female draenei wearing quite the fel looking armor, and appearing rather felish.  Is this really the case though?  You can decide for yourself.  While you’re deciding be sure to check out lowly-owly’s other works of art!  Check back next week for more Azerothian art!


Draenei or Not by lowly-owly

Draenei or Not by lowly-owly



Picture seen with Silas Darkmoon's signature.

Silas is the founder of the Darkmoon Faire along with the Darkmoon Times. He's always happy to welcome a new face, but will not tolerate ruckus within his faire. When he's not working on the Darkmoon Faire, Silas enjoys roaming Darkmoon's coast in the search for lost treasures.

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