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Yesterday adventures headed out in Azeroth to explore new places. Mola saw many people heading toward Deadwind Pass. Mola knows this means one thing, Karazhan is active! This isn’t the only new adventure Mola heard people talking about. Many were heading on grand hunting trips to tag some Falcosaurs or going to Alcaz Isle. There were a few even standing outside Trail of Valor sighing as they waited for the door to open. Don’t worry noble raiders, it is coming soon.  Mola is most excited about Karazhan.but what about you? What is your favorite thing about 7.1?


What's your favorite part of 7.1?

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Whack-a-Gnoll takes lightning quick reflexes and split second decision making. After years of working the game at the Darlmoon Faire Mola has definitely honed these skills. During her free time she's obsessed with trivia, polls, surveys, and quizzes. She once completed a 50 question survey in 20 seconds.

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