Darkmoon Times Information Booth #3

Screenshot from World of Warcraft Legion showing a photo of scenery.


Hello again citizens. Selina here with another Darkmoon Times update. As you know, heroes across Azeroth will be heading to the Broken Isles tomorrow to defend our lands from the Legion. Members of Darkmoon Times are no exception. This week we will be heading to aid in the battle. For this reason there will be no updates this week. Never fear though, we will be returning to Darkmoon Island next week to continue making all the regular Times posts you enjoy. We hope everyone enjoys the new adventure and will return Monday!


Selina Dousman profile picture

Selina Dourman has been working at the Darkmoon Faire since it setup its first tent over 10 years ago. She is responsible for providing information to visitors and she's always making sure the faire looks it's best by keeping the flags flying high and in perfect condition. In her free time, Selina loves sharpening her ring toss skills with Dubenko the turtle.

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