Vacation Photo Contest

Vacation Photo Contest with a Pandaran and Blood Elf blowing bubbles.


Hello again faire fans!  It’s a new month and that means it’s time for a new contest! It’s July and everyone seems to be hitting the road to have fun in the sun on summer vacation! Silas loves checking Facebook or Twitter to see everyone having a great time making memories across the lands of Azeroth and Beyond!


Two characters in a hot tub


Night Elf on a diving boardMaybe you are going on a cruise around Azeroth? Maybe you and some friends are heading to Gallywix Pleasure Palace to spend a day sunning by the pool? Having drinks at the beach? We want to see it all!


Pocket funko pop murloc keychain


From now until July 25th share your favorite vacation picture with us, taken in Azeroth or IRL!  We will pick a few of our favorites and post them here on July 27th for you guys to vote on your favorite vacation picture!  The winning photo will receive a Pocket Funko Pop Murloc Keychain!


Johnny Awesome at the beach!

To share your photo, Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and send us your favorite vacation photo using #WoWSummer or email it to us if you don’t have Facebook or Twitter!  We want everyone to participate!




Voting will end July 30th and the winner will be contacted for shipping address.  Good luck everyone and we can’t wait to see your #WoWSummer fun!


Panda dancing by the pool


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Selina Dourman has been working at the Darkmoon Faire since it setup its first tent over 10 years ago. She is responsible for providing information to visitors and she's always making sure the faire looks it's best by keeping the flags flying high and in perfect condition. In her free time, Selina loves sharpening her ring toss skills with Dubenko the turtle.

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