The Steam Pools Resort – Off The Beaten Path

A trail rarely used on the Azerothian journey.


Hello there, Chester here!  In case you don’t already know who I am, I am a humble merchant that likes to travel the world and find all of those less traveled places to find little known bits to add to my collection.  At the fair you’ll see me selling my exotic wares, but here I’d like to tell you, fine adventurer, about places and items that you might not know about.  I will tell you about those things which are… off the beaten path.


Image shows Warcraft characters laying on beach towels under umbrellas


This month I aim to make you aware of a charming little place where you can safely take that armor of yours off and get some much needed rest and relaxation.  Yes indeed, there is a certain place known as the Steam Pools Resort that is, oddly enough, tucked away betwixt lands where few adventurers, such as yourself, care to travel.  Very odd that it should be so hidden, given that the place is run and maintained by goblins.  The resort is well staffed and has everything you could want from such a place, even a boat, although it doesn’t seem to actually move about.  I’ve heard that there is even a certain celebrity there for those so inclined.  You can find the resort along the border between Feralas and Silithus.


Map of Feralas, Kalimdor with an X where resort is located in SE Feralas


Now usually the best way to reach the resort is to fly there, however if you really want to get there by foot, you most certainly can.  The path starts in Feralas near the cursed Darkmist Ruins (64.48/62.85).  Climb on up into the hills, making your way south until you reach a tree (65.00/66.31), then turn east and track through the rough landscape until you reach the beach. Swim across the lake and you’re there!  I have taken a photo of the trail head for those of you who would like to visit the resort by hiking instead of flying.




Have you visited this resort? If not, go visit today and let us know what you thought about it! Have a good time now!



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Chester may sell unique goods at the Faire but his favorite part of the job is stocking his wagon. He loves to travel to interesting places and finding rare things to share with his friends. He is always up for adventure and always has a great story.

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One thought on “The Steam Pools Resort – Off The Beaten Path

  1. What a great guide!
    I’ve found that if you take the FP to Silithus then it is a straight flight due North. The NPC’s say, “I’m on vacation!”.
    Perhaps your guild wants to host a wedding or party …

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