Spectacular Look for the Fireworks Spectacular – Best In Slot

Various heroes with their best transmogs equipped.


Hello again, Dahlings! It is a busy weekend in Azeroth and Baruma knows you simply must look your best. We have Midsummer Fire Festival, the Darkmoon Faire, and of course one of the biggest social events of the summer, the Fireworks Spectacular down in Booty Bay and your capital cities.  Don’t know what to wear? We are in luck, SitStaySquirrel has put together a great outfit for the occasion on their post Goblin Warlock (Red and Blue)


It’s a perfect outfit for any firework show! It has red! It has blue! It has sparkles!  Make sure you check it out. This year don’t be out shined by the light show in the sky!


Baruma profile picture

Silas recruited Baruma after she entered the first Darkmoon Fairest of the Faire dressed in a Lady Vashj costume so detailed that patrons quickly fled in fear. Now she sells replica gear so other’s can make outfits of their own.

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