Prepatch Downsizing and Legion Comic discussed by All Things Azeroth – Cast Time

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Not often do I find a Podcast that’s been around so long that it passes the 500 mark but All Things Azeroth just had episode #502! And a great episode it was! They discussed prepatch downsizing and made suggestions on some things to start selling. They talked about the PVP Q&A Blizzard hosted and the new Legion Comic! I won’t say specifics, because SPOILERS! HeeHee! You just have to go give it a listen yourself! Check out “All Things Azeroth #502 – The Diamond King” today!


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Ziggie Sparks is a newer face at the faire and got the gig thanks to Boomie, the co-host of their radio show “Boom Boom POW.” Ziggie spends a lot of time checking the Firebird’s Challenge course for safety issues since the “innocent” in 2014. While flying high she loves listening to other shows on her iGoblin 2000.

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