Malygos Cosplay – Best In Slot

Various heroes with their best transmogs equipped.
Welcome Back Dah’lings!  I have found another beautiful fashionista from beyond Azeroth!  Malygos has taken leave of Eye of Eternity to stretch those wings down under in Australia for a bit.  Malygos has always loved magic and which must be why this picture is completely magical!



We simply had to share to share this with all our fashion fans!  Make sure to check out all of YelizCosplay’s amazing creations on Twitter or Facebook!


Baruma profile picture

Silas recruited Baruma after she entered the first Darkmoon Fairest of the Faire dressed in a Lady Vashj costume so detailed that patrons quickly fled in fear. Now she sells replica gear so other’s can make outfits of their own.

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