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Kae Ti here and I am SO EXCITED to start sharing my favorite comics with you! Comics are a girls best friend.  They make you laugh, cry, reflect… and they go everywhere with you! I love to read them between selling ride tickets at the Faire. This week I read one that was a doozy.


It’s called “Magni: Fault Lines” It’s a story about King Magni. I won’t say much about it because you just have to read it!  It makes you think about his situation and how exciting it would be if it really happened. Sometimes, I get a strange feeling that things in Azeroth may be different soon. The comic definitely makes you think!  Go check it out!


World of Warcraft: Legion #1—Magni: “Fault Lines”


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Kae Ti may have found her perfect job at the faire. As the Darkmoon Times ticket book vendor she can spend her days sharing her love of books with visitors. Comic Books that is!

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