The Legion Glyph System – The Starting Zone

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Well, this is a right pickle, isn’t it, class? It seems that the Glyph Interface has disappeared! Don’t panic! Glyphs are still around, but they are used differently in the Legion expansion. Let’s remain calm, take our seats, and learn about how to use them!


What are glyphs for?

Before Legion, glyphs were a way for players to modify how a spell works. They were available in “major” and “minor” varieties, and many of them granted players powerful benefits. In Legion, however, they are only found in one variety, and only add cosmetic effects to your spells. We will see an example of this a little later.


Obtaining a glyph.

Glyphs are made by the good ladies and chaps who have the Inscription profession. You can find glyphs on the auction house, or perhaps a charitable Scribe can make one for you. Such nice folk, those Scribes. You will need to do some research outside of class to identify which glyphs are appealing to you.


Using a glyph.

Once you obtain a glyph, look for it in your bags. They look similar to this:



Now, open your spell book, and right click on the glyph. The spell that the glyph will affect will become highlighted in the spellbook,  as such:


book comparison


Then, click on the spell, and the glyph will be consumed! The spell in your spellbook will now have a mark, indicating that it has been glyphed.




Splendid! This spell now has a cosmetic effect! It will keep this effect until you apply a different glyph to it, should there be one available. Let’s take a look at what this glyph did:




Remarkable! This glyph seems to have given the Paladin class mounts a sparkly glow! Paladins are always finding ways to get more attention!

You can glyph as many spells as you want, but you can only apply one glyph to each spell. You can remove the glyph by applying Vanishing Powder to it, which is available at a reagent vendor. If you simply want to switch to another glyph, just apply the new glyph to the spell, and the old one will be erased.

Tonight’s homework will be to discover which glyphs are a right fit for you and your character! Dismissed!


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