Last Week of Vacation Photo Contest

Vacation Photo Contest with a Pandaran and Blood Elf blowing bubbles.


It’s the last week of the month and you know what that means! It’s the last week of our monthly contest!  We asked everyone to submit your best vacation photo from Azeroth and beyond. Originally we planned to close submissions early and let you guys vote on the winner but we have had so few submissions we have decided to skip the voting and extend the contest one more week!


How do you enter?

Take a vacation picture anywhere in Azeroth (or IRL) and send it to us on Facebook, Twitter, or by email! It’s that simple!


What do I win?

The winner gets a Funko Pocket Pop! Keychain.  This guy needs a home! Get your pictures in by July 31st and we will pick and announce a winner August 1st! Good luck!


Pocket funko pop murloc keychain

Selina Dousman profile picture

Selina Dourman has been working at the Darkmoon Faire since it setup its first tent over 10 years ago. She is responsible for providing information to visitors and she's always making sure the faire looks it's best by keeping the flags flying high and in perfect condition. In her free time, Selina loves sharpening her ring toss skills with Dubenko the turtle.

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