Hiding Your Helm in Legion – The Starting Zone

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Good morning students, welcome to class! Oh, dear. Look at all these dreadful helms you are wearing. It’s no wonder you were choosing to hide them. I bet you are all interested in learning how to hide them with the new Transmogrification system, aye? Well, let’s get to it!


Locate a Transmogrification vendor!

There is one in Stormwind and one in Orgrimmar, and they look like this:



Ask a guard for help with locating these.. ahem.. enterprising beings.


Selecting an appearance.

When you click on the Transmogrification vendor, a new window will appear, that has many improvements over the old menu.




On the left side of the window, you can select which armor slot you would like to change the appearance of. Let’s do something about those eyesore helmets you kids are wearing! Click on the “head” slot. All of the appearances you have unlocked for the head slot will appear on the right side of the window. The first option in the list is what to choose if you wish to “hide” your head item.




Yes, that’s much better! Well.. for most of you. Now, all that’s left is to click the “apply” button and pay the vendor! Yes, you must pay the fine lad for his services. Items in the twisting nether aren’t cheap, you know.


Hiding other pieces of armor.

With this new Transmogrification system,  you can now hide your shoulder and cloak gear as well! Simply repeat the steps we just went over, this time choosing either the shoulder or back slot on the left side of the window!


Good Show! Now that I can see your bright and shining faces, eager to learn, let’s continue with the next lesson!



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Professor Thaddeus Paleo has been the Darkmoon Card deck trader for what he deems as "Since the sands of time have flowed through the talons of Nozdormu." Before serving the Darkmoon Faire, the Professor taught students at the School of Advanced Learning and Etiquette in Lorderon and takes credit for teaching Jaina Proudmoore the phrase "Knowledge is Power." Cards and decks aren't just a job for him, in his free time he enjoys a nice glass of wine while trying to advance in the Hearthstone ladder. He currently plays a murloc deck.

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