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Hello again, class!  It is time again to have a lovely educational dissertation!  Doesn’t that sound delightful?  Now, if you would all kindly take your seat, we shall get started.  This week I would like to discuss a special little guy that seems to be raising the eyebrows of some new residents of Azeroth.  Just this week I was taking my daily stroll through the busy streets of Stormwind when I saw someone new to our land asking “What is this thing?”  They were asking about a friend us veterans love to see. His name is Blingtron.


What is Blingtron?

Blingtron is a special daily quest that is made by engineers.  Citizens with the engineering profession can learn to make a Blingtron and then they can place him anywhere they choose to.  This is why Blingtron seems to be in a different place every time you see him. As I said, he is a very special daily quest!


Blingtron giving a quest


So he is a daily?

Yes, and no! Blingtron is a daily quest, but is a daily quest per account! If you do the quest on one character then all other characters on that account will be ineligible to accept the quest.


What will the quest give me?

The quest rewards a gift box that contains many different goodies. Sometimes it is a grey trash item which is great for selling on newer characters who might need extra gold for bags, training, etc.  Sometimes you will be given crafting materials needed for certain professions. Occasionally, and very rarely, you may even receive a pet or a mount normally crafted by an engineer!


Blingtron quest text


Sometimes he looks different. Why?

There are different versions of Blingtron!  Blingtron 4000 was all the rage as adventurers explored Pandaria, but as new threats loomed over Azeroth and adventurers moved on to Draenor, our friend the Blingtron needed an upgrade!  New Blingtron 5000’s started to be deployed throughout the world. Remember, class, you may choose to accept a gift from only one Blingtron a day!  You will simply have to choose between the 4000 or 5000!


Do Blingtrons fight?

Yes!  Blingtron is very territorial and will fight to the death with any other Blingtron in their reach.  Sometimes he is reported to have fought with other mechanical friends as well!


Blingtron giving a quest


And there you have it class.  I hope you enjoyed our little introduction to our friend Blingtron. I hope you have the pleasure of receiving a gift soon. They do come in beautifully wrapped packages!  I do believe it is time to dismiss class, but always remember I, Professor Thaddeus Paleo, shall always be here after class if you have additional questions!  Until next week, class dismissed!


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Professor Thaddeus Paleo has been the Darkmoon Card deck trader for what he deems as "Since the sands of time have flowed through the talons of Nozdormu." Before serving the Darkmoon Faire, the Professor taught students at the School of Advanced Learning and Etiquette in Lorderon and takes credit for teaching Jaina Proudmoore the phrase "Knowledge is Power." Cards and decks aren't just a job for him, in his free time he enjoys a nice glass of wine while trying to advance in the Hearthstone ladder. He currently plays a murloc deck.

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  1. We love our Blingtrons!
    He has a distant battle pet cousin called Lil’ Bling who is quite competent in the field too.

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