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Visual evidence of the heat intensity outside (Druid tree form on fire).


Things are heating up across Azeroth which can mean only one thing! Summer has hit. There are lots of things to do now and coming up soon! Let’s take a look.


Return of the Guardian


Qiraji Guardling pet

The Qiraji Guardians have once again made their way back to Azeroth. These special pets show up every summer before migrating in the fall This means you have from June 21st – September 23rd to cage your own guardling. They are usually level 16 – 17 and are found around the entrance to Ahn’Qiraj. It’s part of the World Safari achievement for the Zookeeper title!  You can learn more about this pet by visiting Warcraft Pets.


Midsummer Fire Festival


Banner and tent from Midsummer Fire Festival The yearly Midsummer Fire Festival has returned until July 5th.  The bonfires have once again been lit across the land to “rekindle peoples spirit.”  We are asked to honor these fires and extinguish our enemies bonfires. There are pets, toys. and other goodies to purchase with the burning blossoms you earn at each flame, doing daily quests, or killing Ahune. There are also many achievements you can get which are needed for What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. You will need 410 Burning Blossoms to complete all achievements needed to complete the holiday.

Honoring and desecrating fires will require you to travel to bonfires all across Azeroth but you can earn 935 as Alliance or 945 as Horde just from bonfires alone. Dailies and Ahune will add to that. Fires are located in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend, Vashj’ir, Deepholme, and Pandaria. As you can see, you will be doing a lot of traveling!


Map of Bonfires for Midsummer Fire Festival


Darkmoon Faire


The Darkmoon Faire opens back up this weekend so be sure to come on down and visit us! As always Silas will be making the rounds and would love to take a selfie with you! Tweet us your selfies to @Darkmoontimes or use #FairestFans!


Fireworks Spectacular


Firework Spectacular


There’s no better way to wind down after a week of hot summer fun than to celebrate with a fireworks spectacular!  Visit your capital cities or come on down to scenic Booty Bay on July 4th for Azeroth’s yearly fireworks show.  It never disappoints!

No matter how you celebrate this weekend: taming a Qiraj Guardling, visiting bonfires, having fun at the Faire or enjoying a fireworks show with friends, stay cool out there Azeroth!



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Selina Dourman has been working at the Darkmoon Faire since it setup its first tent over 10 years ago. She is responsible for providing information to visitors and she's always making sure the faire looks it's best by keeping the flags flying high and in perfect condition. In her free time, Selina loves sharpening her ring toss skills with Dubenko the turtle.

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