Questing in Azeroth – The Starting Zone

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Hello class.  Welcome back for another informative lecture about Azeroth.  Let’s get started, shall we?  Today I would like to talk about one of the first things you will experience here in Azeroth.  Quests!  There are many many jobs to be done here and many many quest givers are anxious for your help completing tasks.  There are a few things about quests that you need to know about.


Types of quests

Warcraft dwarf with a yellow exclamation point above his head indicating they have a quest. Sometimes while you are adventuring across Azeroth you will notice NPCs who desperately are in need of your assistance.  You can see the desperation in the form of an exclamation point above that person to head!  This means they need help.  How often you can help them depends on the color of the exclamation point.  A yellow exclamation point means that the quest giver will give you this quest one time.  Once you complete the quest he or she will either give you a different quest or send you on your way.  On occasion, a quest giver may ask you to complete the same quest multiple times.  Sometimes you can repeat it again in the same day, for example if you are bringing them something to help improve your reputation with them.  Sometimes you can only repeat this quest once a day.  These quests are called daily quests and are indicated by the exclamation point being the color blue instead of yellow.
Warcraft NPC with a blue exclamation point above his head indicating they have a daily quest.

Quest objectives

A quest objective is the term given to the object or requirements that the quest giver has asked for.  Sometimes you will be asked to collect certain objects, sometimes you will be asked to kill a certain number of enemies, and sometimes it is a mixture of both.  Some quests are as simple as talking to another NPC.


Image explaining Warcraft Quest UI


How do you find your quests objective?

Warcraft minimap showing direction to quest objective A detailed summary of what the quest giver is asking you to do and why is all ways in the text given when you talk to the NPC.  They will tell you their problem and how you can fix it including directions you will need to get to whenever they’re asking for.  If you still find yourself lost, don’t worry class, there is more help!  If you will look on your mini map you will notice a yellow arrow pointing you in the correct direction.  When you get to an area that has the quest objective, there will be a blue outline around the entire area in which you can find exactly what you’re looking for.  This information is also available when you open your map which can be done by pressing the M key on your keyboard if you are using the key binds as they were when you first enter the Azeroth.

You can turn this information on or off by going to your map and turning quest tracking on or off.  If you would like to adventure through Azeroth without the visual cues telling you which way to go, that is always an option.


Image shows quest ui and how to track and abandon quests

Completing the objective

NPC with a question mark above their headOnce you have done everything that the quest giver has asked of you it is time to turn in the quest.  Sometimes you are asked to return to the same NPC and sometimes it is to someone new.  You will know that a NPC is ready to discuss your payment by the question mark above your head.  It is their way of saying “are you back already?” *laughs*.  Talk to the NPC and you can complete the quest.  Sometimes you are given a choice between different rewards you can except and sometimes it is chosen for you.  While you are leveling up in Azeroth quests are a great way to build up gold, to get gear (pieces of armor and weapons), and earn experience points and/or reputation with certain factions.


Your quest log

Your quest log can be found in your user interface and has an exclamation point on the button.  But what is it?  That is a very good question, students!  The quest log is a list of all the quests your character is currently working to complete.  You can read a recap for each quest reminding you what you need to be doing, see what zone the quest is located in, and what level it is intended for. They are also colored based on the difficulty you may have while trying to complete the quest. Grey indicates a quest is below your level while yellow is usually just right. Another option you are given in the quest log is the ability to abandon a quest. If you find yourself with a full quest log and many are below your current level, you can always abandon the quests. You can go back and reaccept the quest later if you so choose.


Quest log UI


What is a group quest?

Sometimes a quest requires multiple people to complete depending on what or where the quest objectives is.  If the quest giver is asking you to kill an enemy that is considered too hard for one player it will add the number of suggested players to the bottom of the quest in your quest log.


Quest details showing a quest is a group quest


I hope this lecture has been helpful, class. Remember,  if you have any additional questions regarding questing, I will be glad to stay after class to address them.  Class dismissed.


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