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Here at the Faire there has been only one topic everyone seems to be discussing. The Warcraft movie. People have talked about differences, ticket sales, and critic reviews. Those critics! They are harder to please than Khadgar when he wants crystals. 4986 Khadgar? Really?


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Some people just want to be difficult! I guess critics will be critics but what are people from the community saying? There have been a lot of great write ups about the film within the community. These reviews DO contain spoilers so read at your own risk.  As they say in Hollywood, The reviews are in!


Growing Up Azeroth

Fussypants explains that from her prospective as a Warcraft player and a lore junkie, she really wanted the film to succeed. She goes on to explain the good and bad. What was her final verdict? Read her full review: “Official Fussypants Warcraft Movie Review!”


Feckless Leader

Feckless didn’t just see the movie once before sharing his thoughts, he watched the normal version and the 3D version! Feckless too highlights the highs and lows as well as what his non Warcraft playing guests thoughts. Read all about it here. “Feckless Leader’s Warcraft Movie Review”


Make sure to check out the Bloggers directory to see even more of the communities thoughts! That’s it for this Blog Scroll but until next time, keep blogging Azeroth!


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