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3 Sections seen. The left being an orc reading the newspaper, the middle being mounds of gold, and the right being a book upon a table titled "Turalyon's Story".


Hello again Azeroth learners! It is I, Professor Thaddeus Paleo, back with another addition to our wisdom library. As many of you know a documentary was recently released about the deep, deep history of our beloved Azeroth.  Some humans are said to be calling this documentary the “Warcraft Movie” but old Thaddeus is certain it must be a historical documentary!  My only concern was would this “movie” accurately retell our history. A fellow scholar, Nobbel, tackles this question in a recent video called “Lore Changes for the Warcraft Movie – [Lore]“.



If you have not seen the movie, Professor Thaddeus insists you do not press play as there are multiple spoilers included.  Once you have watched this masterpiece, visit Nobbel again to hear his comparisons. If you have already seen it, enjoy this comparison between our rich rich history and the movie adaptation.


There you have it fellow learners. Did you catch the differences?  Did they contribute to your opinions of the movie? Let me know!  Also be sure to check out Nobbel’s fine collection of Azeroth history. That is all for this chat, but until we meet again my Azeroth scholars… Remember, always be passionately curious!

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Professor Thaddeus Paleo has been the Darkmoon Card deck trader for what he deems as "Since the sands of time have flowed through the talons of Nozdormu." Before serving the Darkmoon Faire, the Professor taught students at the School of Advanced Learning and Etiquette in Lorderon and takes credit for teaching Jaina Proudmoore the phrase "Knowledge is Power." Cards and decks aren't just a job for him, in his free time he enjoys a nice glass of wine while trying to advance in the Hearthstone ladder. He currently plays a murloc deck.

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