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Ever misplace your hearthstone?  Well, now you can always keep the thought of that warm, home filled stone with you!  Wilde Designs has created a sticker that will be a constant reminder of the true nature of the beloved hearthstone.  This sticker reads, “Home Is Where The Hearth Is” and can be purchased with minimal effort here!  Check out other marvelous things by Wilde Designs while you’re at it!


Sticker with texts and the reminder that "Home Is Where The Heath Is"

Home Is Where The Hearth Is Sticker by Wilde Designs


Picture seen with Silas Darkmoon's signature.

Silas is the founder of the Darkmoon Faire along with the Darkmoon Times. He's always happy to welcome a new face, but will not tolerate ruckus within his faire. When he's not working on the Darkmoon Faire, Silas enjoys roaming Darkmoon's coast in the search for lost treasures.

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