Garona, Ditchcon, and Hots as discussed by PWNCast – Cast Time

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With the faire firing up this week I spent all weekend zooming through the skies checking out the flying course for any safety concerns. It was the perfect time to catch up on some podcasts! Boy did I pick a good one. It had a little bit of everything: lore from the movie, pet battles, an Overwatch tournament celeb, and lots of laughs!  Best part of all is they have a kickstarter up for a Blizzcon party this year!  Check out “The Boys Are Back In Town Episode 110” by PWNCAST! You can check it out on their website or with video on YouTube!


Ziggie Sparks profile picture

Ziggie Sparks is a newer face at the faire and got the gig thanks to Boomie, the co-host of their radio show “Boom Boom POW.” Ziggie spends a lot of time checking the Firebird’s Challenge course for safety issues since the “innocent” in 2014. While flying high she loves listening to other shows on her iGoblin 2000.

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