Cranius – The Vault

Portal to which glorious treasures can be found.


Ever wish you could hear the sweet serenade of a rough and tough mage in a dress? Well, today’s your lucky day! Joining the Darkmoon Times’ Vault is Cranius. A highly skilled singer; songwriter; and video editor, Cranius has made his mark on many of us throughout the years with videos such as Darrowshire, Big Blue Dress, and many more.



He also many other videos that cover songs such as Timbaland’s The Way I Are, Highwaymen’s Highwayman, and more.



And since Cranius is joining the Vault this signifies how we haven’t recently seen anymore videos from him, but we will always cherish and return to the wonders he’s created so far.


Picture seen with Silas Darkmoon's signature.

Silas is the founder of the Darkmoon Faire along with the Darkmoon Times. He's always happy to welcome a new face, but will not tolerate ruckus within his faire. When he's not working on the Darkmoon Faire, Silas enjoys roaming Darkmoon's coast in the search for lost treasures.

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