Cenarius by LittleSparkzLFG – Best in Slot

Various heroes with their best transmogs equipped.


Hello Dahlings! Baruma here with the latest and greatest fashion from Azeroth and beyond. This week we have a delicious treat for you cosplay fans out there!  Cenarius, child of Elune and Malorne, was the ancient protector raised by Ysera. Night Elves believe his spirit rests within the Emerald Dream, but we believe Cenarius is alive and well in another dimension…  Arizona.


I can’t say enough about how captivating this photo is. It brings to life such an important figure in Azeroth’s history perfectly. Check out more characters this Cosplayer, LittleSparkzLFG, brings to life on Twitter.


Baruma profile picture

Silas recruited Baruma after she entered the first Darkmoon Fairest of the Faire dressed in a Lady Vashj costume so detailed that patrons quickly fled in fear. Now she sells replica gear so other’s can make outfits of their own.

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