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3 Sections seen. The left being an orc reading the newspaper, the middle being mounds of gold, and the right being a book upon a table titled "Turalyon's Story".


Hello fellow intellectuals. Professor Thaddeus here to share with you a simply delightful guide I came across while expanding my knowledge of Azeroth. I knew my fellow learners would appreciate it as much as I, myself, did. Without further ado, let’s discuss it shall we?


This gem is by Euphyley at WoW Rare Spawns. Euphyley shares in depth knowledge of how citizens across Azeroth can find one of the most beautiful mounts in Draenor.Picture of Voidtalon of the Dark Star from the Warcraft mount UI. Voidtalon of the Dark Star certainly is a tricky mount to obtain but thanks to extensive research by Euphyley we now have a vast amount of information about the mount.  The guide has great illustrations of the spawn points of the Edge of Reality portal,mouse over macros, TomTom coordinates, and what to expect once you do go through the portal. If you are looking to pick up Voidtalon of if you are like old Thaddeus and love to learn all things Azeroth, you simply must check out Euphyley’s guide “Voidtalon of the Dark Star & Edge of Reality Spawn Locations

I truly hope you enjoy this weeks finding dear scholars. I shall continue my pursuit of knowledge to share with you until next time. Remember, always be passionately curious!




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Professor Thaddeus Paleo has been the Darkmoon Card deck trader for what he deems as "Since the sands of time have flowed through the talons of Nozdormu." Before serving the Darkmoon Faire, the Professor taught students at the School of Advanced Learning and Etiquette in Lorderon and takes credit for teaching Jaina Proudmoore the phrase "Knowledge is Power." Cards and decks aren't just a job for him, in his free time he enjoys a nice glass of wine while trying to advance in the Hearthstone ladder. He currently plays a murloc deck.

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