Old Raids by GiGi and Sharm – Music Roll

Scene of E.T.C. rocking and rolling.


WHO’S READY TO ROCK?!? We’re E.T.C. and we’re here to ROCK YOUR WORLD in this edition of Music Roll! Where are the Alliance and Horde who keep running those old raids every week?  LET ME HEAR YOU!  This song by PVPGurl and Sharm goes out to you!


I think these ladies summed up what many of us are going through right now while things are quiet in Azeroth.  Old Raids, Old Raids. Every Tuesday.  Not just for gold.  Most of us can afford to make it rain in Azeroth, AM I RIGHT?!? No, no most of us love those old raids for a different reason, man. It’s for memories of days gone by, and for picking up that gear that we always wanted!  So while you’re hitting those old raids this week ROCK OUT to this song by GiGi and Sharm that was made into a music video by machinima maker Jaeden Jenkins. Check out their channels and until next time, slash PAARRTTYYYY for Old Raids!


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There’s no doubt E.T.C. loves music. After taking their music to higher and higher levels, E.T.C. agreed to bring their show to the Darkmoon Faire’s guests every month. In their free time they like to work on their ABC’s; Always Be Creating !

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2 thoughts on “Old Raids by GiGi and Sharm – Music Roll

  1. Gotta run those old raids! I’ve not watched a music machima in ages, this was fun.
    Tmog is driving me to lengths I never knew; old raids.

    • Transmog rolls are our 2nd favorite type of rolls. ROCK AND ROLL being First! We hope you get your drops so you can feel like a rock star in Legion!

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