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As the Legion launch and the Warcraft movie release date continue to get closer and closer we are going to see more and more announcements and promotions popping up. With my busy schedule at the Faire, I can barely keep up with everything! Thankfully the community has things covered and are posting news as they see it. As bloggers talk about upcoming Azeroth news, they are talking Of Legion and Transmogs. Let’s see what news we have this week on the Blog Scroll.


Alternative Chat

This week there was a Legion Developer chat between Jesse Cox and Ion Hazzikostas about Legion updates. It was streamed live then moved to the Battlenet launcher so players could watch on demand.  Haven’t had time to watch the 53 minute video in it’s entirety? Don’t worry! Alt has you covered with her handy Visual Guide to the Legion Dev Chat video. She summarizes the Legion news with perfect gif reactions in her post “Fantastic Day“.


Bubbles of Mischief

You might have noticed a tweet by @Warcraft and ohh’d and ahh’d at the possibility of in game items, coming to Azeroth with the launch of the Warcraft movie.

There was no more information given and many of us were left wondering “Why be a tease, Blizzard?”  We need information and we need it now!  So are you still wondering how we get these goodies? I know I am! Good thing Cymre has a pretty good theory with her sources of information to back her theory and shares it in a post called “Warcraft Movie Perks


Between the Legion invasion and the upcoming Warcraft movie, there’s definitely going to be a lot of news and discussions coming up this year. We can’t wait to see what the blogging community thinks about upcoming Legion and Movie news!  Until next time, keep blogging Azeroth!



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4 thoughts on “Of Legion and Transmogs – Blog Scroll

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention. There’s also a quick look at the four transmog items, if you’re interested. 🙂

    • This if fabulous! Do you mind if we share your video as well? We aren’t officially launched yet but trying to get a few things up so everything will be ready when we tie up our loose ends.

  2. I think one simply logs into the game during the first weeks of the movie’s release?
    I hope that’s all it takes!

    • Oh I love your blog name and I haven’t seen it before! Adding you to the directory! I hope that’s all it takes also. I love the Alliance shield and Horde staff. I can’t wait to get these!

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