Frenone’s 2016 Badge Preview – Art Gallery

Art Gallery Banner shows paintings found in World of Warcraft


Frenone’s 2016 Badge Preview was spotted on Twitter recently showing how her badges will look this year and WOW! I love the border that is around the edges. It really highlights the class feel of a Druid complete with claw marks on the nameplates. The druid herself is beautiful! I love the glow of her shoulders. I can’t wait to see more character badges in this style as we get closer to Blizzcon. Badge season is upon us and I expect we will be seeing more of the amazing work from the Warcraft community!



How To Find Frenone

Frenone is one of the Badge Babes and you can see more of her amazing work on her Website, Twitter, or Patreon.


Finlay Coolshot profile picture

Finlay Coolshot enjoys working at the tonk game of the Faire, but tonk explosions aren't his true love. That is reserved for his art. You can see Finlay's beautiful art work around his area of the faire. Thanks to his creativity, exquisite murals line the boundaries of the tonk arena!

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