Darkmoon Times Information Booth #1

Selina welcoming you to the Darkmoon Faire

Hello guests, Selina Dourman here to bring you the latest in Darkmoon Fair… ummm… ahem… Darkmoon Times information. As you can see, Silas and I have been busy working with the carnies to get everything here at the times ready for visitors. In just a short week, Silas has put down a foundation for what we hope will be a beautiful place where you can find community members who love Azeroth so much that they coordinate events or make things to share with the world.

We have added a directory of creators of all kinds. We are trying to build the biggest directory in Azeroth of podcasters, bloggers, crafters, streamers, artists, musicians, educators, machinima creators, cosplayers, and more. This is a large task, but we hope with your suggestions and recommendations it will continue to grow.  We also have a calendar setup for all of the event coordinators who host annual community events. We want to help you spread the word!  Whether you or someone you know is blogging about hot Azeroth news, knitting hats for Pepe, or coordinating a community gnome run, let us know!


Selina Dousman profile picture

Selina Dourman has been working at the Darkmoon Faire since it setup its first tent over 10 years ago. She is responsible for providing information to visitors and she's always making sure the faire looks it's best by keeping the flags flying high and in perfect condition. In her free time, Selina loves sharpening her ring toss skills with Dubenko the turtle.

Have suggestions for the Darkmoon Times? Email us at darkmoontimes@gmail.com today!

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